NOTICE - New Dates - June 16-20

As a follow up to our Language Teaching in the Digital Age Series

BAFLP is offering a 5-day Technology series at Stanford University...

Technology Strand

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June 16-20, 2008

Integrating technology within your curriculum

This workshop is designed for the K-12 language classroom teacher in order to include technology within their daily lesson plans instead of as a "one-time enrichment" activity. In response to student feedback, this workshop aims to take the myriad of technology tools and on-line educator sites and seamlessly integrate them within the lesson and unit plans. It is our aim to keep the philosophy of the BAFLP program which is you learn by doing.
This workshop gives the teachers three days to immerse themselves in the technology and expand the contours of their lessons by using the websites to motivate, check for understanding, and extend student learning. As a culminating activity, the participants will create and publish a unit online to share with the other BAFLP educators. Teachers will receive resources and access to the unit plans at the completion of the workshop.
Pre-requisites: Basic computer knowledge including internet use, ability to manage the computer’s directory system and ability to use basic word processing programs.
This is an intensive three-day workshop. Full participation is needed for successful completion.

Bay Area Foreign Language Program

2007-08 Seminar Series for Language Teachers

Language Teaching in the Digital Age

The overarching theme for the 2007-08 series is Language Teaching in the Digital Age. We begin the series by looking at our professional work of teaching and learning through the eyes of our students. By delving into our "digital native" students' perspective, we are able to understand how they think, how they learn, and how we can help them increase their language proficiency.

Our Students are Digital Natives

Read this article to learn why our students are called "Digital Natives" and how this impacts our teaching / their learning.

In each of the five day seminars, we will host a guest speaker who is using technology in their own classrooms, from podcasting and blogging to YackPack and webquests. On October 13, BJ Fogg, creator of YackPack will demonstrate how we can use this tool in our classrooms from guided practice to assessment activities.

Podders and Chatters
Kerstin Helbing, Gunn High School, German Teacher
Podcasting Resources

New York Times Article on iPods

New York Times article on iPods in the classroom "In Some School, iPods are Required Listening"
Hello Everyone

YackPack and Foreign Language Learning

Many universities, community colleges, and high schools are using YackPack in their foreign language programs. Teachers broadcast verb conjugations, stories, dictations, and students send back individual messages/assignments to the teacher, as well as to other students. The proper use of accents, pronunciation, and other nuances are more easily explained. YackPack is also used for oral assessments. The teacher has a stored repository of messages to show progress over time.