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The Bay Area Foreign Language Program is a site of the California Foreign Language Project. We are dedicated to promoting quality language teaching and learning. BAFLP serves all teachers in San Mateo, San Francisco, and Santa Clara counties with year-round programs for all language teachers of any level.

2007-2008 Seminar for World Language Teachers

Language Teaching in the Digital Age



September 15

8am - 3:30pm

October 13

8am - 3:30pm

December 1

8am - 3:30pm

February 9

8am - 3:30pm

March 8

8am - 3:30pm


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This 5-day seminar series is a forty-hour professional development program. This standards/framework-aligned and research-based program provides participants with knowledge of subject matter content, methodology for organizing curricula that support student understanding, and strategies to effectively use State Board adopted materials and other instructional resources and technologies. Teachers will learn to make subject matter more accessible to students and maximize their academic performance. The content will address the universal access needs of all students, including meeting the specialized needs of English Language Learners. Emphasis will be placed on lesson planning and classroom management strategies.

Strand A: Effective Strategies for the California Language Teacher

This strand is specially designed for teachers new to the foreign language classroom (or teachers who feel they need an infusion of fresh ideas) seeking to enliven their classroom with a multitude of ready-to-use strategies. The strand will focus on instruction that is aligned with the California Foreign Language Framework. Emphasis will be placed on lesson planning and classroom management strategies specifically for the language classroom.
Participants will:
  • Use the five-step lesson plan to design a lesson
  • Align the lesson with the California Foreign Language Framework
  • Align the lesson with the Language Learning Continuum
  • Learn procedures and routines to manage the class
  • Learn policies to handle homework, make-up and absences
  • Gain strategies for increasing participation
  • Effectively deal with problems / challenges in the classroom
Prerequisite: none
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Strand B/C: Unit Design / Preparing Students for the APand Native Speaker Classes

Participants will explore unit-length materials which can be adapted in their classrooms to align their teaching with proficiency-oriented instructional practices. Participants will develop, teach and refine a unit on the topic of their choice. Participants will plan full units and incorporate technology that will meet the unique needs of their students preparing for the AP exam or enrolled in Native Speaker classes. This strand is appropriate for teachers of all languages teaching 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students, AP courses, and/or native speaker courses.
Participants will:
  • Develop a course of study
  • Develop a unit plan
  • Incorporate technology into the unit
  • Meet the needs of English Learners
  • Use strategies to reach all students
  • Teach study skills/motivational techniques
  • Help students prepare for the AP
  • Incorporate Critical thinking/Bloom's taxonomy
Prerequisite: Strand A or equivalent
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Mandarin Chinese Strand:Framework-Aligned Lesson Design

This series is designed specifically for Mandarin Chinese teachers seeking to deepen their understanding of CA Framework-aligned instruction. Participants will create a lesson plan using the Five-Step Lesson Sequence. Each step will be explored in depth and participants will understand the progression from lesson to unit development. Emphasis will also be placed on classroom management and evaluation strategies.
Participants will be able to:
  • Plan and implement an effective Mandarin 5 Step lesson
  • Evaluate what students know and are able to do in Mandarin
  • Align lessons with the California Foreign Language Framework
  • Prepare students for the Mandarin AP Exam beginning in Level 1
Prerequisite: none
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Fee: $350.00
Continuing Studies Units available for additional $85.00
Every workshop is on a Saturday.

Possible funding sources: BTSA, AP challenge grant, NCLB funds for schools not making Adequate Yearly Progress.

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