Leadership Development Participants

We are hoping that you are well on your way to starting off a great school
year. We are busy planning the remainder of the LDT days for you. Those of you
who attended the 3-day summer kick-off days will remember that we have
planned for your next day to be September 15th, which is Day 1 of the BAFLP
regular 5-day strand. There are a few of you who were unable to attend in the
summer and will be starting with us on this day.

Since you will be participating in the regular BAFLP activities (albeit with a
different focus), we need to ask you to arrive early on that day so that we can
get your instructions to you and conduct a short activity to help all the members
of the team get to know one another.

Therefore, we need you to arrive at the CERAS building at 7:45AM on Saturday
September 15th. We will meet you in the lobby on the second floor to take you
to the room where we will be meeting. Please be on time. Please direct any
questions to Margaret. We very much look forward to working with you!

Leadership Strand Coordinators

Liz Matchett and Sally Mearns

Contact Information:

Liz Matchett
Gunn High School
Spanish Teacher

Sally Mearns
Mountain View High School
French and Spanish Teacher