Mandarin Chinese Strand:Framework-Aligned Lesson Design

This series is designed specifically for Mandarin Chinese teachers seeking to deepen their understanding of CA Framework-aligned instruction. Participants will create a lesson plan using the Five-Step Lesson Sequence. Each step will be explored in depth and participants will understand the progression from lesson to unit development. Emphasis will also be placed on classroom management and evaluation strategies.
Participants will be able to:
  • Plan and implement an effective Mandarin 5 Step lesson
  • Evaluate what students know and are able to do in Mandarin
  • Align lessons with the California Foreign Language Framework
  • Prepare students for the Mandarin AP Exam beginning in Level 1
Prerequisite: none
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Strand Leaders

Michelle DiBello
Stanford University�23�
Mandarin Teacher

Paul Jia
Cupertino High School�28�
Mandarin Teacher