BAFLP Level A — An Overview

Seminar 1

Theme: House & Home
General Topics: California State Framework for Foreign Language
CBI: Introduction to Communicative Based Instruction, Setting the Stage, Comprehensible Input
Classroom management: Procedures

Seminar 2

Theme: Food
General Topics: Framework, Resources, professional organizations, supplemental materials
CBI: Functions, Guided Practice
Classroom management: Homework, make-up and absences

Seminar 3

Theme: Weather
General Topics: National Standards, Multiple intelligences
CBI: Application and Extension
Classroom management: Participation, Partner & group work

Seminar 4

Theme: Daily routine
General Topics: Review of Framework and Standards
CBI: Evaluation
Classroom management: Cheating

Seminar 5

Theme: Love & Marriage
CBI: Application of 5 step lesson sequence to an advanced lesson
Classroom management: Organization
Presentation of participants’ lessons