Strand A: Effective Strategies for the California Language Teacher

This strand is specially designed for teachers new to the foreign language classroom (or teachers who feel they need an infusion of fresh ideas) seeking to enliven their classroom with a multitude of ready-to-use strategies. The strand will focus on instruction that is aligned with the California Foreign Language Framework. Emphasis will be placed on lesson planning and classroom management strategies specifically for the language classroom.
Participants will:
  • Use the five-step lesson plan to design a lesson
  • Align the lesson with the California Foreign Language Framework
  • Align the lesson with the Language Learning Continuum
  • Learn procedures and routines to manage the class
  • Learn policies to handle homework, make-up and absences
  • Gain strategies for increasing participation
  • Effectively deal with problems / challenges in the classroom
Prerequisite: none
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An Overview of Strand A


Strand A Leaders

Hélène Chan
San Jose State University
French and Mandarin Teacher

Sally Mearns (Leadership Dev. Coordinator)
Mountain View High School
French and Spanish Teacher

Antonella Wemple
Burlingame High School
Italian Teacher