Strand B/C: Unit Design / Preparing Students for the AP and Native Speaker Classes

Participants will explore unit-length materials which can be adapted in their classrooms to align their teaching with proficiency-oriented instructional practices. Participants will develop, teach and refine a unit on the topic of their choice. Participants will plan full units and incorporate technology that will meet the unique needs of their students preparing for the AP exam or enrolled in Native Speaker classes. This strand is appropriate for teachers of all languages teaching 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students, AP courses, and/or native speaker courses.
Participants will:
  • Develop a course of study
  • Develop a unit plan
  • Incorporate technology into the unit
  • Meet the needs of English Learners
  • Use strategies to reach all students
  • Teach study skills/motivational techniques
  • Help students prepare for the AP
  • Incorporate Critical thinking/Bloom's taxonomy
Prerequisite: Strand A or equivalent
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Strand B/C Leaders

Yolie Westerström Diego
Santa Cruz High School
Spanish Teacher

Marcelo Leal (Tech Leader)
Oak Grove High School
Spanish Teacher

Liz Matchett (Leadership Dev. Coordinator)
Gunn High School
Spanish Teacher

Yolanda Mercado
James Logan High School
Spanish Teacher