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NOTICE: New Dates JUNE 16-20, 2008

Integrating technology with the 5 step lesson plan

This workshop is designed for the K-12 language classroom teacher in order to include technology within their daily lesson plans instead of as a "one-time enrichment" activity. In response to student feedback, this workshop aims to take the myriad of technology tools and on-line educator sites and seamlessly integrate them within the 5-step lesson plan. It is our aim to keep the philosophy of the BAFLP program which is you learn by doing.
This workshop gives the teachers three days to immerse themselves in the technology and expand the contours of their lessons by using the websites to motivate, check for understanding, and extend student learning. As a culminating activity, the participants will create and publish a Webquest to share with the other BAFLP educators. Teachers will receive resources and access to the webquests at the completion of the workshop.
Pre-requisites: Basic computer knowledge including internet use, ability to manage the computer’s directory system and ability to use basic word processing programs.
This is an intensive three-day workshop. Full participation is needed for successful completion.